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  • ... Worshiping the LORD.

  • ... Fellowshipping with GOD's Children.

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About Us
In 1890, Rev. C.E. Jones, four men and two women decided there should be an A.M.E. Church in Greenwood, Mississippi. Led by the spirit of GOD, they began to worship under a brush harbor somewhere in the vicinity of what is now the Greenwood Post Office. During the next few years, the church began to increase in membership, so much so that a building was needed. One of the church's members came up with the idea of utilizing a dwelling house, which was eventually purchased. After the purchase of this dwelling, Rev. Jones and the members decided to name the church Turner Chapel after Bishop Henry McNeil Turner, the fifteenth Bishop of the A.M.E. Church, who was the presiding Bishop of this area.

As the church continued to expand in membership, numberous ministers came. Our records do not reflect all of the ministers who served during the period of 1890 - 1922. However, one of the church's fathers, Mr. D.D. McLaurin gave this account. In 1922 the first frame building was erected under the leadership of Rev. J. D. Brown. Following Rev. Brown's administration, Rev. J. M. Hair came for one year and then Rev. Herrington. Rev. Taylor pastored for two years, followed by a second term for Rev. J. D. Brown. There was Rev. Hall, Rev. H. D. Rhodes, Rev. Green, and Rev. Wallace Jones, who also served as Dean of the School of Religion at Campbell College. Following Rev. Jones were Rev. Stewart, Rev. Poindexter, Rev. M. R. Mozee, and Rev. Portis. Under the guidance of the Rev. Portis, the church was bricked, the interior repaired, and the membership increased significantly. Following Rev. Portis came Rev. Clark, Rev. M. R. Mozee (for a second term), Rev. A. I. Ward, and Rev. Tucker.

Under the leadership of Rev. Tucker, there was a renewed spirit within the church. Pews were purchased, the pulpit was redesigned with divided chancellors, and many new souls were added to the church roll. Rev. Tucker was transferred to the First Episcopal District before completing his term. Rev. Robert Stephens, a former president of Campbell College, was appointed temporarily to fill the vacancy.

Having experienced several months without permanent leadership, Turner Chapel was finally blessed with the appointment of Rev. M. J. Black, Jr. Under his leadership, the church was able to complete the ongoing renovation projects and increased the church involvement in social, and civil rights activities.

To end the search to fill the vacancy left by Rev. Black, Bishop I. H. Bonner sent Rev. T. L. Kirkland to Turner Chapel. Under Rev. Kirkland's leadership we increased membership, air-conditioned the church, remodeled the parsonage and strengthened the level of the civic, social, political, and religious involvment of Turner Chapel in the local community. His radio ministry (first ever in the church) extended the walls of the church to the homes of Sunday morning listeners throughout central Mississippi.

In June 1977, Rev. W. D. Wright was assigned to the pastorate of this church for two years. Following Rev. Wright was Rev. Norman W. Handy. During Rev. Handy's tenure, we saw a number of changes take place, for example: reorganized financial system, the purchase of additional property, the purchase of a church bus, the appointment of additional stewards and stewardessess, organization of a young steward board of ages 15 - 18, Bible study and various clubs within the church. Two additional bathrooms were added to the church, delegates were sent to layment conventions, and increased the number of members attending the A.M.E. General Conference. The Young People's Division (YPD) attended their first conference and became more involved in the church activities.

The list of pastors who served after Rev. Handy were: Rev. Otto Duncan, Rev. Robert Boyd, Rev. Lester Shaw, Rev. John W. Jenkins, and Rev. Birdon Mitchell. Rev. Mitchell had a unique talent in the ministry of children and young adults. Under his leadership, the YPD and Sunday School flourished. A family man and a talented musician, Rev. Mitchell was able to greatly increase attendance at Turner Chapel. In December 1996, we were blessed with Rev. Cedell Raggs as our pastor. Under his leadership new padded chairs were purchased for the choir and additional renovations were done to the church parsonage.

In 2001, we were sent Rev. Ray A. Jackson. With Rev. Jackson came new growth and our biggest challenges yet. In 2006, a new church parsonage was purchased and a fellowship hall was added to the church building, which also included several classrooms for church school. The renovation of our church sanctuary became our next project. "So built we the wall; and all the walls were joined together unto the half thereof; for the people had a mind to work", (Nehemiah 4:6) became our new theme. In 2010, our theme became a reality. Under the leadership of Rev. Jackson the renovation of our church sanctuary was completed.

In 2016, Rev. Fredrick Crayton, our current pastor, was assigned to the pastorate of this church. We look forward to many years as we begin the path to further growth in Christ! May GOD continue to bless this church, Rev. Fredrick Crayton and his family.

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